Shadow on the Clock

by The Glass Hour



Planned, but don't ask us when! The Glass Hour explores new shades of rock ambient storytelling adventures. Stay tuned! Songs posted are demo versions.


released January 1, 2017

Tracy DeMarco - harp, vocals, keys
Brian Bradbury - guitars, drums, bass, keys



all rights reserved


The Glass Hour Chicago, Illinois

Blending elements of traditional and experimental harp atmospherics with electric progressive rock undertones, orchestral imaginations, acoustic electric guitar and, haunting, yet soulful lyrics, The Glass Hour is exactly what its title proclaims. Listen - see - through new eyes, and experience the soundtracks of imagined times, imagined lives, and the living spirit of the natural world. ... more

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Track Name: World of Extremes
I lie, awake in fear
Voices they speak so obscene
Selling me, the road to salvation
Right from the TV screen.

Life here it comes
Ready, set, go - your wrong.
Dare take a side, and let reason decide -
You'll pay the price.

I'm running out -
It's my last ditch shout in defiance
I'm sick of this show, whose the enemy now?
Whose the saint?

I'm running out -
I'm a rebel endowed with a conscience
I'm sick of the pain, its a fruitless crusade,
for common sense.

I'm sorry I can't, just can't take, take another one second
Trading with hell, and I know what I'll sell gets me heaven
Tell me - I'm lost, what's the ultimate cost, what's it mean?
Fighting for right - in a world at the height of extremes

When I was, younger
My parents said college was key
The ticket to power
and secret to wisdom I'd need.

But now that I'm older
I see it's a whole different game
Illusion, is cheered as a savior
And ignorance made king.